RubyRuby Genetic Health Certificate

Wolfden's - 3 Ring Red Ruby in Scorpius

AKC: SR83264304

OFA Hips: LR226570G33F-PI "Good"

OFA Elbows: LR-EL77747F33-PI "Normal"

CERF: LREYE-11892/33F-PI "Normal"

EIC/CNM: Clear – BY Genetic Health Certificate

Weight: 60lbs

Color: EeBB Black with yellow factored

Ruby is an absolute sweetheart of a dog who has joined our home and won us over with her loving temperament and stellar good looks.  Ruby is a joy to have in the house and thoroughly enjoys being around people and other dogs.  

When it's time to train, Ruby is an absolute fireball and fearless retriever. We often have to be careful when hunting her near new water sources for fear her huge water entry could get her in trouble!  

As the daughter of the legendary Blackjack stud Duece who was one of the very, very few GMPR/MH/QAA dogs ever, her pedigree is the cream of the crop in the pointing Labrador world.  We couldn't me more excited to continue her training and have her produce some phenomenal pups soon!

Ruby's Pedigree at Hunting Lab

Hunting Lab Pedigree Rubyweb


Ruby's Pedigree at Hunting Lab