February 7, 2020 Vega  passed away peacefully following a rapid decline. Vega sired for Wolf Den Retrievers and will be greatly missed.

For some of his accomplishments and the great dogs he sired we are thankful.  He was an amazing animal, and we are blessed to have known him.  

DESCPRIPTION:  3xGMPR Blackjack's 3 Ring Vega SH - "Vega" was the very essence of a well rounded pointing Labrador.  He was a 5th generation GMPR who's top line on the pedigree goes through the legendary APLA HoF dog, Raider.  Even before Raider, his lineage goes to Gumbo of Black Forest.  These are the dogs that are the cornerstones of the APLA today.  The rest of his pedigree includes many other famous dogs like Wannamaker's Hot Tub and Sir's Mighty Eli.  All of whom hold at least the GMPR title in the APLA and an AKC hunt test title as well.  Vega's pedigree is the result of generations of selectively breeding of the world's best pointing Labradors.

Vega ribbons

Vega on Point copy vega 1