4X GMPR HRCH Bear’s Yellow Gator Cooperstown

Cooperstown Kennels  - Face Book post from Cooperstown 
Vesper, WI

Cooperstown Kennels Proud Breeder, trainer, handler moment this weekend. Cooper passed master both days at the Minnesota APLA test to earn his 4x Grand Master Pointing Retriever title. Cooper was bred here @cooperstown_kennels and is from our GMPR HRCH Nellie x GRHRCH, UH, GMPR Flame MH MNH QAA (HOF) litter. After his owner @bearzembo and trainer Bill Strohmeyer completed his basic obedience and his SHR title, Cooper came down to our place to complete his training and run some hunt tests. After this weekend Cooper is now a 4xGMPR HRCH and he and I never failed a retriever test. Cooper is a fun loving, easy going, amazing on-off switch dog who loves to work and has talent well beyond his impressive list of titles. This is truly a special dog. Congrats Super Cooper. We love you buddy. #grandmasterpointingretriever #huntingretrieverchampion #pointinglabsofinstagram #labradorretriever #yellowlab @ Cooperstown Kennels


Cooper Pedigree

Cooper as a pup showed how much he loved to point. Pup loves to point is a short video of Cooper.