Take one look at Cowboy and all you can do is admire his 63 lb. ripped athletic build! His pictures hold him true. He constantly gets the same compliments when people meet him, “Man is he ripped”. He has a long statue-like body, beautiful short haired red coat and eyes that will make you fall in love with him almost immediately. Look at him while he’s standing and it’s almost like you are looking at ripped race horse rather than a Lab. His pedigree is amongst the top fox reds in the country with a special pointing lab line that brings out his superior sense of smell and hard staunch point.

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Cowboy is the most genetically clear stud you could ever breed to! He has OFA Excellent Hips, Normal Elbows, CERF Normal, PRA Normal, EIC/CNM clear by testing, as well as clear Paw Print Genetics Panel.

The Blast Wingshooting Kennels
237255 Star Rd, Aniwa, Wisconsin 54408
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