SHR Wolf Den’s Annie Oakley Cedar Points JH



Cedar comes to us from Doug Dodge in Iowa. Her sire is Oakley who is a GMPR AKC MH who Qualified All Age in his first field trial.

Two of Oakley’ siblings ran a Field Trial Mid-August, 2021 in Colorado. There, his full brother- Chief placed 2nd in the Derby . This punched his ticket to the National Derby Championships in Missouri. His full sister, Molly got a JAM in the Qualifier. This is a judge’s award of Merit.

Cedar’s mother-
Belle was bred to 4x GMPR, MH, QA2 Beaver Creek’s Wing’s Master Santa Fe Jake – This is Oakley’s sire. This mating produced the current #1 Derby dog in the US today - Fannie

Fannie is 26 mos. old, has 63 Derby points QA2 and has an open amateur JAM at 26 months of age.

When we found Cedar, we were looking to find a versatile dog-to not only excel in upland and water games but to also act as a service dog to our daughter. She is a hard- pointing, water-charging dream with full genetic health , athleticism, marking skills, obedience and trainability. She is an amazing field and duck dog.

Cedar has become an exceptional house dog and carries a deep bond with our daughter. They are truly the best of companions.



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Cedar's Pedigree at Hunting Lab