Wolf Den dog training is for dogs of all ages. We work with you and the dog to achieve the goal you have chosen.

The importance of Labrador Training cannot be stressed enough. At Wolf Den Retrievers we work to bring your dog to his maximum potential. We do not use a single one method that works for all dogs. We recognize the personality and talent and custom train each pup.

Training a good dog.
A good gun dog is amazing to be around and work with.As a hunter you remember the best dogs you’ve owned. It seems as though those dogs could read your mind. That is how the legend of a gun dog is created.

But how does Wolf Den start that process?
Bird hunting is complex. The role of your dog plays an important part. Before you can get them to retrieve dead waterfowl, you have to get them to obey. There are two factors that Wolf Den works to instill in the dogs we train, obedience and steadiness.

Obedience begins with the “stay” command. Wolf Den trains your dog or pup to stay until it is time to retrieve. This instills the idea that they do not need to retrieve every dead bird or waterfowl. This takes some of the exuberance out of the dog and enhances the dog’s calm nature. Still, the entire process begins with obedience.

A gun dog that does not obey will never be steady.
Steadiness is a skill that is essential. It means that a dog will stand-down while another dog does the work. When training puppies, it is important that they obey, especially when it comes to retrieving. What this teaches the dog is restraint. Every dead bird does not need retrieval as soon as it hits the water. Restraint takes the over-excitement out of a dog and allows it to function without the pressure of performing at peak efficiency. Calm and steady are a win for the hunter and the dog.

Basic obedience
The “stay” command is an essential skill. But it is not the only skill. Once the dog is in action you need to have it “come” when called or signaled. Properly trained dogs stay, come, heel, and fetch, but they do it on command.

Working from basic obedience to becoming a finished gun dog Wolf Den Retrievers is prepared to see you and your hunting partner become a success.

A finished gun dog is a well-trained hunting dog, companion, and all-around good citizen who can handle practically any difficult hunting task that demands a high level of skill and training.

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Posted by Colette Wolfe on Tuesday, November 7, 2017